Dolores Holman. Owner of The Chocolate Art Box a specialty chocolate company in Long Island, NY.

Chocolate Photo Booth

We take the photo booth to a new level! Much like an ordinary photo booth, your guests will enjoy having their pictures taken. However, instead of paper photos, their images are printed on chocolate in real time.


Your guests have fun and leave with a sweet chocolate memory of your event.  To have the Chocolate Photo Booth at your event, complete the inquiry form.


Our Chocolate Artist

I do it all for the "Love of Chocolate". I have been working with chocolate since 2005. I started by making chocolate favors for my kids' birthday parties. Then gradually, I moved to chocolates for family and friends. Now, I have a business! 


I am the proud wife of a veteran and mother of two beautiful children.  "Chocolate is my yoga." It’s what keeps me calm. When I'm fulfilling an order, I am able to ground myself and think. 


I love crafting and chocolate is my craft. 

Dolores Holman,

Owner & Chocolate Artist

Chocolate Printer in use by Long Island, NY based chocolatier The Chocolate Art Box